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National history >>>
10.04.2009 12:16:47
Konigsberg Taken!
The troops of the 3rd Belorussian Front  completely defeated the Konigsberg group of Nazi troops and assaulted Konigsberg on April 9, 1945.
08.04.2009 16:14:29
Fashion evolution from Peter I era to the contemporary time in the Russian Museum
The St. Petersburg-based National Russian Museum is going to describe the fashion and style from Peter I era to the contemporary time, by  opening the Picture, Style and Fashion exhibition on April 23, the museums news service announces.
07.04.2009 21:35:21
Submariners Memorial Day
This day is remembered in Russia as the anniversary of the wreckage of the  Northern Fleets Komsomolets nuclear submarine  and the death of its 42 crew members in the Norwegian Sea on April 7, 1989.
06.04.2009 21:23:02
Peter I Abolished the Beard Tax 287 Years Ago
In August 1698, on the next day after his return to Moscow from his European trip, Czar Peter Alekseevich himself stripped several boyars of illustrious names off their beards in broad daylight.
05.04.2009 07:33:31
A manor where Alexander I lived, according to the legend, to be restored in Tomsk
The manor where the famous monk Fiodor Kuzmich (who, according to the legend, was actually the abdicated Czar Alexander I) spent the last years of his life is to be restored in Tomsk.
04.04.2009 07:31:58
Soldier Arkhip Ossipov who took part in the defense of the Mikhailovsky fort when Caucasian mountain dwellers attacked it accomplished his feat on April 4, 1840
During his long service, Ossipov participates in Persian and Turkish wars and was awarded silver medals for his feats in 1829.
03.04.2009 07:30:42
Today is the Memorial Day of Nadezhda Durova, Russias First Female Officer, Cavalier
She was born in September 1783, in Kiev, in the family of a retired hussar captain of horse.  In 1806, Durova, clad in masculine attire, left home.
02.04.2009 12:42:24
Zalessky Military Flying Squad Blew up the Lenins Monument
Zalessky Military Flying Squad assumed responsibility for blowing up the Lenins monment in St. Petersburg.
01.04.2009 11:56:56
The 2010 Victory Parade to Feature the T-34 Tank and the Katyusha
The Victory Parade on May 9, 2010, to be devoted to the 65th anniversary of the victory in WWII,  will consist of the historical and the modern parts.
31.03.2009 14:20:11
The Moons first artificial satellite was launched by the Soviets on March 31, 1966
The Luna-10 automatic  interplanetary station was launched at 9:44 p.m. using the Proton booster to the  selenocentric, or the lunar, orbit  (it entered the orbit on April 3).
30.03.2009 14:18:57
Repatriation of the Imperial Family Depends on the State
Repatriation of the Imperial Family to Russia depends on the resolution taken by the state, told Mr. Zakatov,  Head of the Russian Imperial Family Office, on Monday.
29.03.2009 15:11:49
Unique 17th Century Buildings Restored in Kolomenskoye
The unique 17th century buildings, the Sytny Yard and the Povarennaya Chamber, have been restored in the Kolomenskoye  reserve museum.
28.03.2009 15:10:31
The Romanovs Require Assassinated Members of the Imperial Family Be Rehabilitated
On behalf of the Romanovs imperial family, Grand Princess Maria Vladimirovna applied to the Russian General Prosecutors Office for rehabilitation of the imperial family members killed by Bolsheviks after the Revolution.
27.03.2009 14:42:31
Today is the Internal Troops Day
The internal troops date back to March 27, 1811, when Alexander I signed the Decree for  Establishing the Internal Guards  Service, which was formed out of the internal provincial squadrons.
26.03.2009 13:38:57
Ivan I Kalita Ascended the Vladimir Princedom Throne on March 26, 1328
Ivan Kalita laid the groundwork for political and economic power of Moscow.
24.03.2009 16:53:59
Archangel Michael
On March 24, 1908, the Charter of the Archangel Michael Russian National Unit was approved.
23.03.2009 16:52:56
The Mir Orbital Station
The Mir Orbital Station Having Worked in the Space for 15 Years, Ceased to Exist Eight Years Ago, on March 23, 2001.
22.03.2009 16:50:30
Old Believers Families from Latin America Move to Primorie
The first Old Believers family came to the Krasnoarmeisky District, Primorye Region, where the national part of Udegeiskaya Legend, from Brazil.
21.03.2009 16:49:31
Ivan Susanin Accomplished His Feat on March 21, 1613
Ivan Osipovich Susanin led Poles to a thick forest, thus saving his czar.
19.03.2009 16:48:27
The day of remembering
Today is the day of remembering the rear-admiral Istomin, a hero of the Sebastopol Defense. On March 19, 1855, Istomin was killed by a cannon ball that hit his head.
I am a Woman >>>
10.04.2009 13:00:42
11 Fundamental Rules of Perfect Sex
There is nothing as pleasant and desirable as a night with your lover! We reveal some secrets that will help you make this night unforgettable
09.04.2009 16:00:00
Flirting Practical Lessons
Flirt is one of the most exciting sexual games  a man and a woman can play We  suggest that you learn its fruitiest aspects
30.03.2009 13:58:25
Men Fall in Love in 8 Seconds
According to a survey, the findings of which will be published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the longer a mens glance is fixed on a woman during the first meeting, the greater interest she provokes in him.
29.03.2009 13:56:25
Myths About Sex
This article is devoted to certain common  delusions on human sexual response.
28.03.2009 13:54:55
We live side by side with them, and whether we love or hate them, respect or despise them, we try to understand the psychology of men who live close to us. And it might not be easy because we are so different with them.
Regional news >>>
10.04.2009 12:11:54
A Bit Narrow-Eyed Russian Matrioshka
Chinese Craftsmen and Guest Workers from the Cherkizovo Market Taking Over the Souvenir Business in Moscow
10.04.2009 09:00:00
Round Table Conference
A round-table conference, The Anti-Crisis Program of the Russian Government for 2009, was held in the training and methodic center of the Eastern Administrative District Moscow Party School on March 25.
07.04.2009 11:00:00
24/7 Technical Checkup Center
From April 7, one technical checkup center will be open on a 24/7 basis (without days off) in the Eastern Administrative District.
06.04.2009 18:00:00
Arkhimed Salon Awards
39 enterprises and companies took part in the Eastern Administrative Districts joint exposition in the Arkhimed 2009 Salon. The Districts enterprises won the total of 19 (of which 11 are golden and 8 are silver) awards in the Salon.
02.04.2009 08:00:00
Russian-to-non-Russians Ratio 100:56 in Izmaylovo
The Moscow City Hall believes the economic crisis may aggravate national conflicts in Moscow.
01.04.2009 22:30:00
Raid on the Cherkizovo Market
Policemen found dozens of thousands of pairs of counterfeited footwear  with the labels of well-known world brands during the search of the markets warehouses (video clip).
31.03.2009 12:30:00
Chinese Whores Rookery Caught
The four Eastern joy therapists and their Auntie were caught in Sirenevy Boulevard on Monday evening.
30.03.2009 18:30:00
Drug Abuse Prevention
A collegium devoted to drug abuse prevention took place in the Eastern Administrative District Prefects Office.  Nikolay Evtikhiev, Prefect of the District, suggested placing a stake on work with the youth via the Internet.
26.03.2009 10:00:00
Towers to Become the Focus
Six high-rises will be built in Moscow to be used for hotels by 2020 as part of the Moscows New Ring project (in particular, one high-rise in Schelkovo Highway).  In addition to hotels, the high rises will accommodate hypermarkets.
24.03.2009 20:30:00
Eastern Administrative District Business Development Center Relocates
The Center is now situated at 3 Srednyaya Pervomaiskaya Street.
24.03.2009 20:00:00
Archeological Excavations to Take Place in Izmaylovo
Located in the east of Moscow, the Izmaylovo Park is believed to be one of the biggest in Europe its area is 1,608 ha. It is divided into two parts the natural and historical park and the culture and recreation park.
21.03.2009 17:00:00
Case Brought to Trial
In 2006, bandits clad in policemens uniforms, stopped a bus with Vietnamese businessmen heading for the Cherkizovo market. All of the businessmen were bound and robbed (video clip).
21.03.2009 16:30:00
Accident at the Cherkizovo Market
The Chinese Jumped from the Third Floor.
21.03.2009 16:00:00
Moscow Hospitality
The capital is getting ready to the Eurovision 2009 contest.  Some 30 hotels, including Izmaylovo Vega, will host the contest.
21.03.2009 10:30:00
Struggle with Self-Construction
Heavy construction equipment is mobilized in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow (video clip).
20.03.2009 10:00:00
Encouraging Investors
Agreement of documents for construction in Moscow should be free-of-charge for investors, believes Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
14.03.2009 23:00:00
A scandal drama about skinheads
Pavel Bardin about his film "Russia-88": All the story appeared during the walks around the Cherkizovsky market.
14.03.2009 21:30:00
The Round table in Moscow City Council
When I leave the Cherkizovsky market and I approach to the entrance of the nearest house I see fear in the womens eyes. And the other side of fear is hatred.
12.03.2009 17:30:00
Infringements are eliminated
Izmaylovsky interdistrict prosecutor's office checked under the reference of a citizen about refusal in granting of free emergency medical aid by City clinical hospital 36 in Moscow and the course of infringements of the citizens health protection legislation are revealed.
11.03.2009 12:00:00
In Izmaylovo region the demolition of illegal constructions has started
In their place the construction of 4th transport ring will begin (video).
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